Ecommerce means different things to different people.
To us, it means helping a company to access the enormous potential that selling online can bring to their business.

What we do
We specialise in programming attractive and effective online shopping systems that are developed from the ground up to effectivley sell your specific products.

When we design and implement an online shop for a customer we start off by ensuring that we fully understand the products you sell and the products you intend to sell in the future. From there we can then build an online shop that presents your products in the best possible way as well as ensuring that your customers can have the best possible shopping experience.

We also provide a secure administration system that allows you to control your shop and the products sold whenever you wish.

We can integrate the payment part of your shop into whatever system you require e.g. Paypal, Secure Trading, SecPay. Alternatively we can arrange for you to securely download orders from the website to your office for processing as a non-attended purchase.

If you would like to find out how your business could benefit from a bespoke online shop please contact us for a no-obligation meeting.

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